No matter the challenges they face, William Vazquez represents the life of communities and individuals with a great sense of optimism and hope.  There is a measure of spontaneity and joy to his best images which renews our faith in each other and our institutions. 
Jaime Permuth

Going to places I have never been, figuratively or literally, is one of my favorite things. And I feel lucky that the range of clients and projects I have worked with for the past two decades has allowed me to shoot in five continents and meet all kinds of people: scientists, farmers, businesspeople, orphans, doctors, community activists, families, monks.

I am also adaptable in my approach to work. Can I shoot video? Yes. Can I direct a shoot remotely from 13 time zones away? Yes. Can I carry all my own equipment across multiple sites for weeks on end? Yes. Being married to one kind of equipment or to one visual approach is not for me. What matters most is telling visual stories and finding the essence of people in the simplest way possible.

Growing up in multicultural New York City gave me the foundation to feel comfortable in any setting, whether or not I speak the language of my subjects. At 18, I ditched electrical engineering when I discovered photography and spent a summer in Paris, followed by some study in Parsons School of Design. But what shaped me the most as a photographer was old-fashioned apprenticeship, as assistant to photographers who showed me how to make photos that look effortless even when working in the toughest situations.

Partial client list:
Abbott Labs, Abbvie, Pfizer, Samsung, Mastercard International, Direct Relief, Swiss Re, Partner Re, Duracell, Mead Paper, 3M,

Advertising, lifestyle, people photography, documentary, and motion directing.

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