William Vázquez is an advertising, portrait & documentary photographer based in New York, USA.

42,952 miles.......37 days....

I have been photographing everything from kids at school, factories, labs, hospitals, peoples homes, and everything in-between in all sorts of environments ala fly on the wall style. The locations were Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Baltimore, Columbus Ohio, Rome, Hannover and Manheim Germany, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guangzhou and Shanghai China, Hue and Hoshi Ming City Vietnam. The travel was not back to back so there was travel back to NYC for a few days or a week and then head out again. It was a tight schedule....really tight!

Some stats from my recent project 42,952 air miles, 12,912 frames shot, 945 road miles, 95 hours in the air, 37 total days, 37 pound carry-on, 24 flights, 20 cities visited, 16 airports, 10 hotel rooms, 8 countries, 8 kinds of money, 7 languages, 7 layovers, 3 canceled flights, 2 travel visas, 2 snow storms, 2 boxes of cliff bars,  as for casualties 1 broken lens, 2 burned out battery chargers (my fault, it was not 220) duh, 1 very expensive mobile phone bill, 0 lost luggage.