William Vázquez is an advertising, portrait & documentary photographer based in New York, USA.

The motorbike, and its not a motorcycle.

Earlier this year I did a lot of traveling for a project. I was doing documentary photography of some NGO programs in Vietnam. Vietnam is a great place by the way. I was there to document an Avian flu prevention program run by by CARE for poultry farmers near HCMC. The farmers involvement is very important because they are the front line to preventing the spread of the disease in their flocks as well as the population at large.

One of the primary means of transport in Vietnam is the motorbike. There are millions of them, literally. It's cheap, and can go almost anywhere. Here is a short movie of an encounter I had with one in Vietnam in getting to the farms.

Please help CARE in their work. They are a worthy organization. I have seen some of the amazing things that they do.a