William Vázquez is an advertising, portrait & documentary photographer based in New York, USA.

Fifth stop...Milwaukee, and Chicago

Whirlwind tour of some of the Midwest photographing people, places, and things for a corporate citizenship report. January is not the best time for great weather, unless you like it cold, and wet.  First Chicago, Milwaukee, Sturgis Michigan, then back to Chicago. As usual I spend more time running than anything else. That's where the challenge is getting there on time, getting the shot, leaving people with a positive experience, and of course staying on budget.

Next stop....(stop 6 and 7) Geneva, Farsoe and Copenhagen Denmark, Sao Paulo and Rio Brazil.  All this in about 2 weeks. By the way the photo was the only sunny day while I was there, of course the day I was leaving.

Experiences....cold, wet, snow, freezing fog, eighties music radio station, nice people, great museums, lots of driving.