William Vázquez is an advertising, portrait & documentary photographer based in New York, USA.

2012, a year of travel in photos.

2012 was a big year of travel. Almost hit the 4 corners of the globe. With all that travel I still didn't get to the highest airline status close, but close is not good enough, and I still don't have a regular sleep schedule. A few of my activities while traveling, I stayed in a castle, lots of pointing at things I didn't know the name of, running around, driving many miles on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car, speaking every language I know sometimes in the same sentence, and got a lot of "not possible" in trying to get my projects done. Most interesting place Hanoi, strangest food shredded dried squid with hot sauce, excellent by the way. w_vazquezIMG_0973 w_vazquez_IMG_3664 w_vazquez_IMG_3654 w_vazquez_IMG_3648 w_vazquez_IMG_3628 w_vazquez_IMG_3625 w_vazquez_IMG_3620 w_vazquez_IMG_3617 w_vazquez_IMG_3485 w_vazquez_IMG_3470 w_vazquez_IMG_3439 w_vazquez_IMG_3438 w_vazquez_IMG_3310 w_vazquez_IMG_3271 w_vazquez_IMG_3254 w_vazquez_IMG_3213 w_vazquez_IMG_3192 w_vazquez_IMG_3084 w_vazquez_IMG_3060 w_vazquez_IMG_3021 w_vazquez_IMG_2874 w_vazquez_IMG_2864 w_vazquez_IMG_2824 w_vazquez_IMG_2762 w_vazquez_IMG_2747 w_vazquez_IMG_2693 w_vazquez_IMG_2657 w_vazquez_IMG_2637 w_vazquez_IMG_2625 w_vazquez_IMG_2611 w_vazquez_IMG_2563 w_vazquez_IMG_2543 w_vazquez_IMG_2216 w_vazquez_IMG_2159 w_vazquez_IMG_1894 w_vazquez_IMG_1821 w_vazquez_IMG_1819 w_vazquez_IMG_1780 w_vazquez_IMG_1753 w_vazquez_IMG_1643 w_vazquez_IMG_1632 w_vazquez_IMG_1610 w_vazquez_IMG_1576 w_vazquez_IMG_1566 w_vazquez_IMG_1555 w_vazquez_IMG_1513 w_vazquez_IMG_1397 w_vazquez_IMG_1385 w_vazquez_IMG_1384 w_vazquez_IMG_1377 w_vazquez_IMG_1376 w_vazquez_IMG_1353 w_vazquez_IMG_1352 w_vazquez_IMG_1277 w_vazquez_IMG_1195 w_vazquez_IMG_1158w_vazquez_photo-2w_vazquez_photo-3