William Vázquez is an advertising, portrait & documentary photographer based in New York, USA.

Finding inspiration and photographing lifestyle in Brazil

There is nothing better than getting people to smile and enjoy the moment. Musicians on Copacabana beach

Photographing in a foreign country is a challenge. Most of my work is in the documentary/reportage style. Basically photographing in the moment. These days though my projects are in that style but with models, wardrobe, picked locations. So it's not so much photographing in the moment anymore, but "planned in the moment" images, it is certainly more involved than just showing up with a camera, and making do with what is there. Not to mention to keep it feeling serendipitous while controlling everything. That is the challenge.

I went to Rio with a long shot list, and a mandate. Show modern Brazil and its people, living a healthy lifestyle. We found models in Rio (yes, its true it seems like almost everyone is beautiful there), locations, and had to plan shoots while on the run. It was tough, but with Rio and it's people as an inspiration, not to mention some great help on the ground, it was a pleasure.

It's not just clicking the shutter, it's the journey to get to that moment to take the photo is what defines a photographer.