William Vázquez is an advertising, portrait & documentary photographer based in New York, USA.

Can you shoot video also?

Those are the words that I have been hearing a lot from clients these days. My answer is of course we can! The advantages of shooting both is that they work together as companion pieces. Although In my experience its always been a challenge trying to do still, and video together in the same shoot without compromising one or the other. I think I found the magic sauce; with the right crew, and clients who trust you anything is possible. I can go on and on about the process, but thats perhaps a future blog post.

Many thanks to Jason Rogers my camera man on this project, and Charley Parden my assistant who somehow always finds parking among his many other skills. They made the process go smoothly, efficiently, and more importantly successful.

The scrum.

Ok I am not a spot news photographer, but when a client calls, and says "hey can you go to the Clinton Foundation to photograph Bill making an announcement." I say YES! I jumped at the opportunity to bask in Bill's rock star aura. He even threw in a tear jerker moment in his speech for good measure. He's good! Unfortunately I did not get a chance to talk to him or get closer than 6 feet away, but it was still was a thrill. Jeez, I sound like such a groupie

Here is a photo of a small section of everyone else crammed into the conference room. I had my own reserved spot, but still had to dive in, and crawl around the floor to get a few different angles. It was a bit crazy with everyone jockeying for position. I have a lot or respect for the spot news photogs. it's a rough biz.