William Vázquez is an advertising, portrait & documentary photographer based in New York, USA.

10th stop...Rio de Janiero....finally, but only for 6 hours!

This image truly represents how I see things when I am traveling....Some blur with some sharp areas. Finally, I was able to make it to Rio and shoot at a production plant. I spent a total of 6 hours in Rio. I know its crazy...I had to get back to Sao Paulo the same day to shoot early the next morning. Its a shame Rio really is all that you imagine it to be. I did get to see Ipanema, Copapcabana beach, had a beer, and Cod fish cakes (which are super tasty) on Copacabana beach. Not to mention soak in a bit of sun to get rid of the NY winter grey tone of my skin and it was 100 degrees which felt nice. As usual though I had to rush off to the next location.

Observations: Hot, actually very hot, great looking beaches and people. That's all I got I was there for only 6 hours.

Coming in for a landing at the airport in Rio you see the green patch in the upper middle that's the runway, and yes it ends in the water on both ends!

Cool futuristic airport in Rio

Copacabana beach. Sort of reminds me of Coney Island.....a tiny bit if you squint your eyes.

Copacabana beach, from my perch at the restaurant before rushing off to the airport.