William Vázquez is an advertising, portrait & documentary photographer based in New York, USA.

2009-2010 travel, well so far for 2010

View 2009-2010 travel in a larger mapFrom Novemeber 2009 to mid March 2010 I traveled on a project for a corporate citizenship report.  Here are some stats from that trip. I really wanted to keep track of these details this time around, but I lost count somewhere in December so to tell you the truth I think these number are low except for the air miles which are correct.

55,523 air miles, 22 flights. 12 airports, 12 hotel stays, 15 cities, 8 car rentals, 2 train rides, taxis galore, countless road miles, 5 languages (Chinese, Malay, Creole, German, Danish, Portuguese), 3 weather delays, 2 missed flights, 2 visas, every weather imaginable from flooding, crazy thunderstorms, snow storms to 100 plus temps, a near fender bender, 1 getting the car stuck in a snow bank, lots of waiting and lots of rushing, tons of pointing and sign language, many great meals and many not so great meals, mass quantities of cliff bars consumed, 1 worn out suitcase, 1 worn out camera roller case, thousands of frames shot, a lot of great people met. Considering the amount of moving around. No real problems.

When do I get to do that again?

I love my job.

This is an image from a previous project, but is a good example of what a lot of the travel is. Lots and lots of not so great waiting around. it's 1:10am about 90 degrees and humid outside the closed Ho Chi Minh City Airport (something my travel agent neglected to mention) waiting for my connection to HUE at 8am. Just me and the rats. Too bad I couldn't get one in the shot.